Yüksek Sadakat is a rock band from Istanbul, Turkey. It was formed in 1997, but its career didn't take off until 2006. The name of the band means "High Fidelity" in Turkish.

At the time of 2011, when it performed at the Eurovision in Germany, it consisted of Kenan Vural at lead vocals, Alpay Şalt at drums, Kutlu Özmakinacı (the founder of the group) at the bass, Uğur Onatkut at the keyboard, and Serkan Özgan at guitar.

They performed in the first semi-final, and failed to qualify for the finals, managing to only place 13th with 47 points. This was the first time a Turkish act has not been able to go to the final, and this blunder was one of the leading causes for Turkey to withdraw from the contest in 2013. The group has released 4 albums, the last time in 2014.

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