Raul-Stig Rästa, known professionally as Stig Rästa, is an Estonian singer-songwriter. Between 2002 and 2006 he formed a band "Slobodan River" with Ithaka Maria and Tomi Rahula. Since 2006 he has played in the band "Traffic" and since 2010 in "Outloudz". In 2011 he was a contestant in the fifth season of "Let`s Dance". He was partnered with Karina Vesman and they finished in fourth place. In 2012, Stig played Moritz in the Estonian original production of the musical "Spring Awakening".

He has been writing and producing songs for Elina Born since before their Eurovision appearance, having discovered her via YouTube and first contacting her via Facebook. Stig also wrote the song Play for his Estonian successor, Jüri Pootsmann

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