Stefan Konrad Raab is a popular German entertainer, comedian, TV presenter and musician. He has been hosting the hit late-night talk show TV total since 1999.

His association with Eurovision over the years has been extensive: he composed Guildo hat euch lieb! for Guildo Horn who represented Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 1998 in Birmingham. Two years later, Stefan represented his country himself at the 2000 contest in Stockholm with the song Wadde hadde dudde da? which finished in the top 5. Using the pseudonym 'Udo Schild', he also composed the German entry for Max entitled Can't Wait Until Tonight, which was performed at the 2004 contest in Istanbul.

He was also the driving force behind the TV talent series Unser Star fur Oslo to help select the German representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in Norway. It eventually led to the discovery of Lena, who went on to win the contest and give Germany its second victory in 28 years. He would then co-present the 2011 contest in Düsseldorf alongside Anke Engelke and Judith Rakers.

He recently announced that he would retire from showbusiness at the end of 2015.