Sanda Ladoși is a Romanian singer who represented Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 in Istanbul with the song I Admit, which finished in 18th place.

She was also that year's recipient of the eighth Barbara Dex Award for being the worst dressed competitor.

Sanda has worked with several well-known composers in Romania such as Eugen Mihăescu, Marcel Dragomir, Ionel Tudor, Cornel Meraru, Mihai Constantinescu, Alexandru Simu, Raimond Vancu, George Popa, and Dan Iagnov. Iagnov has composed more than 50 songs for Sanda during her career.

She has performed duets with Romanian stars such as Marcel Pavel, Ștefan Iordache, Ioan Gyuri Pascu, and Aurelian Temișan. She has performed at numerous concerts across Romania and at numerous summer festivals abroad.

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