Peter Reber is a Swiss singer, songwriter and musician. Along with Sue Schell and Marc Dietrich, he represented his country at Eurovision on 4 separate occasions as part of the trio Peter, Sue & Marc.

The first attempt was at the Eurovision Song Contest 1971 in Dublin with the song Les illusions de nos vingt ans, where the trio became the first group to perform at the contest. They finished in 12th place with 78 points.

They returned five years later at the Eurovision Song Contest 1976 in The Hague performing Djambo, Djambo in English. Despite performing in the cursed second spot, they did well, finishing 4th.

At the Eurovision Song Contest 1979 in Jerusalem, the trio teamed up with trash musicians Pfuri, Gnorps and Kniri to perform the song Trödler und Co, finishing 10th.

Their fourth attempt brought them back to Dublin in 1981, where they performed Io senza te and finished in 4th place.

Peter has also written songs for other past Swiss Eurovision participants, most notably Swiss Lady for the Pepe Lienhard Band in 1977.