One More Time is a Swedish group consisting of Peter Grönvall, his wife Nanne, and Maria Rådsten. A fourth member, Thérèse Löf, left the group shortly after the first album was released. In 1992 they began their international career with the release of the single and album "Highland". The single became an international success, entering No.1 in the hit charts of 10 countries and awarding them prize for Best Foreign Group in Belgium. The "Highland" album went gold in South Africa. "Turn Out the Light" was a further single release off this album. Their second, self-titled album followed in 1994 but wasn't as successful as the previous album.

The group never disbanded and there are plans of a fifth album. Nanne Grönvall has a successful solo career in Sweden since her first solo album in 1998. Peter Grönvall is the son of ABBA's Benny Andersson.

Melodifestivalen and Eurovision

One More Time have participated in two Melodifestivalen shows, the Swedish selections for the Eurovision Song Contest. At the Melodifestivalen 1995, they entered as composers of the ballad "Det vackraste" ("The Most Beautiful Thing"), interpreted by Cecilia Vennersten. The song was runner-up of Jan Johansen and "Se på mig". "Det vackraste" was awarded a Grammy's for Best Song of 1995.

The group later recorded the song in English, named "Living in a Dream". At Melodifestivalen 1996 the group composed and performed the etno ballad "Den vilda" ("The Wild One"), which won the selections and propelled them to third place in Eurovision Song Contest 1996 in Oslo, Norway..

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