"Once Upon a Time, Europe Was Covered With Ice" was the interval act at the Eurovision Song Contest 2000. It was a film/song edited and composed by Johan Söderberg and produced by John Nordling. Söderberg travelled all over Europe to record various children and a few adults performing the song with various instruments.


At the beginning, Caroline Lundgren opens with a violin solo featuring two children as drummers. Various people start introducing themselves to the beat of a steel drummer. One child says that "Once Upon a Time, Europe Was Covered With Ice". There is then an instrumental piece when the film travels through markets and cultures, and then the children begin to perform by playing instruments and dancing. We see flamenco dancers, the same child that said the name of the film playing violin, Bavarian children, an accordion player. During this, we see many other things going on.

At the end, we go back to Globen with Caroline and drummer Strängnäs Trumkorps plus street musicians from Stockholm and dancers from the Bounce Street Dance Company.


Eurovision 2000 - Interval Act08:16

Eurovision 2000 - Interval Act

The journey through Europe..

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