Nocturne was the Norwegian entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 1995 in Dublin performed by Secret Garden

The song only contains twenty five words - thirteen at the beginning, and the rest after the instrumental solo - which makes it the Eurovision winning song with the least words.

It was performed 5th on the night following Bosnia and Herzegovina and preceding Russia. At the close of voting, it was declared the winner with 148 points, giving Norway its second victory, snapping the consecutive streak of wins for Ireland (although an Irish musician was part of Secret Garden's win).

Rolf Løvland also wrote La Det Swinge which won for Bobbysocks! in 1985, making him the fourth person to compose two winning songs along with Willy van Hemert, Yves Dessca and Johnny Logan.


La dagen få sin hvile nå
Og natten vil våke for den

Selv mørket må en gang forgå
Så natten kan føde en dag

Let the day get its rest now
And the night will guard in its place

Even the darkness must disappear sometime
So the night can give birth to a day


Nocturne - Secret Garden - Norway 1995 - Eurovision songs with live orchestra03:46

Nocturne - Secret Garden - Norway 1995 - Eurovision songs with live orchestra

Secret Garden - Nocturne03:12

Secret Garden - Nocturne

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