No Angels were an all-female pop band who were formed on the first season of the German syndication of the Pospstars franchise in 2000. They had huge success, including three #1 albums and a string of Top 20 singles before announcing their split in late 2003.

Post-split, they all launched separate career paths before band member Lucy Diakovska suggested reforming the band in 2006. However, original member Vanessa Petruro declined to join them, leaving them as a four piece. Two years late, they represented Germany in the 2008 Contest in Belgrade with the song Disappear, finishing in joint last place with the United Kingdom and Poland.

Post-Contest, they released two more studio albums, which garnered mixed reviews, before member Nadja Benaissa left the band in 2010 for personal reasons. The remaining members embarked on an acoustic tour, which was well-received but in 2014, it was confirmed that the band had once again split with no new material planned.

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