Milk and Honey were a trio of Israeli male singers made up of Reuven Gviritz, Shmulik Bilu and Yehuda Tamir.  They are best known for their participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 1979 collaborating with female soloist Gali Atari on the song Hallelujah, which won the contest on home ground in Jerusalem and became a hit across the continent.

After Atari left the group in 1980 over a contract dispute, the trio made two other attempts to repeat their Eurovision success and represent their country, finishing 4th in the 1981 national final with the song "Serenata" and 8th in 1989 with another song. However, Reuven and Yehuda made an appearance at the 1988 contest in Dublin as backing singers/musicians for Yardena Arazi, who coincidentally co-presented the 1979 contest in which they won.

The trio have long since broken up.

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