L'Oiseau et l'enfant was the French entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 1977 in London performed by Marie Myriam. At the start of the performance, the text that announced the song and the country performing it wobbled around the screen, causing a comedic moment among fans (Marie later admitted that she was so nervous, her hands were shaking throughout her performance).

It was performed last on the night following Belgium. At the close of voting, it was declared the winner with 136 points, giving France its fifth (and, at present, last known) win. Many fans have seen this as one of the weaker winning songs of the decade.



Eurovision 1977 - France - Marie Myriam - L'oiseau et l'enfant -HQ SUBTITLED-03:10

Eurovision 1977 - France - Marie Myriam - L'oiseau et l'enfant -HQ SUBTITLED-

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