Keine Grenzen-Żadnych granic was the Polish entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 2003 in Riga performed by the band Ich Troje. It was performed in three different languages: German, Russian, and Polish.

It was performed 20th on the night following France and preceding host country Latvia. At the close of voting, it finished in 7th place with 90 points.


Ich wär so gerne mal ein Astronaut
Der von dort oben auf die Erde runter schaut
Denn alle, die dort oben einmal warn
Sie alle sagen, es ist wunderbar

Poczujesz tu płynący wolniej czas
Ciszę i spokój, którego tak brakuje nam
I u nas też tak mogłoby dziś być
Jesteśmy Mali, lecz nie koniecznie źli

Keine Grenzen, keine Fahnen
Von dort oben ist die Welt einfach nur schön
Keine Länder, keine Völker
Keine Kriege kann man von dort oben sehn

Każdy z nas powinien dotrzeć tam
By zrozumieć, że w tej walce sensu brak
Vielleicht nimmt uns das unsern dummen Grössenwahn
Und statt zu labern, fangen wir zu lieben an

Żadnych granic, żadnych flag
Nie ma głupich waśni, nie ma różnych ras
Żadnych wojen, żadnych państw
Keine Kriege kann man von dort oben she'n

Bezgranichnyj (Bezgranichnyj)
Mir bez flagov (Mir bez flagov)
S vysoty granitsy vovse ne vidny
Bezgranichnyj (Bezgranichnyj), neprivychnyj
Bez razdorov, vzryvov, zlosti i vojny
Von dort oben ist die Welt einfach nur schön

I wish I were an astronaut
Who looks down to the earth from up there
Because all those, who already were up there
They all say it's wonderful

Here you'll feel time slower passing by
Silence and peace that we miss so much
And here today it could also be this way
We're small, but not necessarily bad

No borders, no flags
From up there, the world is just beautiful
No countries, no nations
No wars can be seen from up there

Everyone should go there at least once
To realise this struggle doesn't make sense
Perhaps it will take our stupid megalomania
And instead of talking, we begin to love

No borders, no flags
No stupid quarrels, no different races
No wars, no states
No wars can be seen from up there

Unlimited (Unlimited)
Peace without flags (Peace without flags)
From the height, borders can't be seen anymore
Unlimited (Unlimited), unusually
Without quarrels, explosions, rage and wars
From up there the world is just beautiful


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