I Can't Live Without Music was the German entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 2002 in Tallinn performed by Corinna May.

The song is an up-tempo number, with the singer expressing the joy she gets from hearing music. As Corinna May is blind, the lyrics are particularly important, as she is physically incapable of experiencing anything visually. Corinna wore an unusual white top for her appearance, and a black leather jacket. Her female backing singers appeared in an unusual assortment of clothing, including one dressed as a cowgirl, with a peach-coloured hat.

It was performed 18th on the night following France and preceding Turkey. In spite of being one of the pre-Contest favourites, the song received only 17 points, placing it in 21st place.


You’re my song in the morning
You’re the rhythm of my heartbeat at night
And the sound of love I hear in your voice
Keeps on touching me deep inside

You are the air that I breathe
And the gentle tune of whisperin’ trees
You’re the only melody that’s in my soul
And in my mind all the time

I can’t live without music
Only you keep me goin’ along
I can’t live without music
And the power that’s deep in your song

You’re the one and only thing I couldn’t do without
Makes me wanna sing and dance and shout

We can’t live without music
We can’t live without music
It’s a rainbow in the night
Turns darkness into light
It’s everything we really need

We can’t live without music
And if ever we lose it
That’s when everybody, just everybody
Starts getting the blues
(We can’t live without music)
‘Cause it’s freedom to me and to you

So let the music touch your heart
In times when men are worlds apart
‘Cause only love can heal the dream
That’s hidden in our souls

And hand in hand we’ll walk along
We’ll be united by a peaceful song
And we’ll live all together

(We can’t live, live without)
(We can’t live, live without)
(We can’t live without music)

I can’t live without music
(We can’t live without music)
I can’t live without music
(We can’t live without music)
And if anybody, just anybody, is asking me why

Music makes me feel like flyin'
Gives me hope when I’m a-cryin’
I believe without it I would die


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