Heidi Rosemarie Brühl was a German singer and actress who represented Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest 1963 with the song "Marcel", which finished in ninth place.

Brühl's first screen appearance was in the 1954 film "Der letzte Sommer" with Liselotte Pulver, but it was in the role of Dalli, in what became known as the "Immenhof films", that she became famous in Germany.

In 1959, Brühl obtained a record deal with the Philips label, and her first single "Chico Chico Charlie" reached #5. In 1960 her recording of "Wir wollen niemals auseinandergeh'n" (which she tried to represent Germany in that year's Contest with) sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc. It also topped the German charts for nine weeks.

Post-Contest, she focused on her acting career and moved to the United States in 1970, performing in Las Vegas and acting in television. She returned to Germany in 1973 to act in a few more films. In 1976, she went back to live in Germany and did dubbing work on films such as "The Never Ending Story" and "Look Who's Talking Too", and her last roles were in television serials.

She died of breast cancer in 1991 at the age of 49.

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