Fernand Urbain Dominic Leclercq, just known by his initials as Fud Leclerc was a Belgian singer born in the region of Auvergne in France.

Leclerc entered the Eurovision Song Contest every other year from 1956 to 1962, under the Wallonian broadcaster RTBF for Belgium. His best known entry was in 1958 with "Ma petite chatte". Although he was "second" in 1956, the scores and points of the participants (except for Lys Assia, whom was announced the winner with "Refrain") were kept a secret.

In 1962, Fud became the very first victim of the dreaded Nul Points with the song Ton nom. Although he shared the distinction of having no points with three other countries, he was the phenomenon's first casualty due to also having fallen victim to the Curse of Number Two (he was second in the running order).

He died September 2010.

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