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Style is key to an effective article. 



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Having a consistent layout makes it easy for readers to find information. Clicking the buttons shown in the image sets up the page for you.




Colours shouldn't be garish and should be easy to read the text. Colour Contrast Analyser is a tool which allows you to check text on background colours with pass/fail checks. It also allows you to see what text looks like for people that are colour blind.

Colours should be used minimally.

Colour Hex code RGB values Purpose
#ffd700 255,215,0 To highlight the winner in a table
#c0c0c0 192,192.192 To highlight the second-place in a table
#ffc0cb 255,192,203 To highlight the last-place in a table
#ff8c8c 255,140,140 To highlight a nul points entry in a table
#c8ff91 200,255,145 To highlight means of auto-qualification (with semi-finals) in a table
#40e0d0 64,224,208 To highlight the jury qualifier in the 2008 and 2009 contests.

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