The Eurovision Song Contest 1993 was the 38th edition held on 15 May 1993 at the Green Glens Arena in Millstreet, Ireland thanks to Linda Martin's win the previous year. With a population of only 1,500 at the time of the contest, Millstreet is the smallest town to ever host Eurovision. The event was hosted by Fionnuala Sweeney.

This edition marked several new introductions to the contest. With the break-up of the former Soviet states as well as Yugoslavia, a qualifying round was held prior to the Millstreet contest on 3 April 1993 in Ljubljana, Slovenia which resulted in the debuts of three former Yugoslav countries Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia.

A new relegation rule was also introduced in which the six lowest-placing nations would be forced to sit out the following year's contest. It was also the last time juries would deliver their votes via telephone lines, as the contest's broadcasting technology continued to innovate.

It was also the first contest for Christian Clausen, having taken over as Executive Supervisor from Frank Naef, who had recently retired after 15 years and 16 contests. Naef attended the 1993 contest as part of the audience, and Fionnuala paid a short tribute to him before the voting started.

For the second year in a row and fifth time overall, Ireland was the winner with the song In Your Eyes performed by Niamh Kavanagh. This victory leveled Ireland with France and Luxembourg at five wins overall.

Unable to reach the jury in Malta earlier in the voting due to technical difficulties, they would deliver their verdict last in one of the most intense and exciting finishes ever. To win by 1 point, the United Kingdom (who was sitting second) would need 12 points and hope Ireland didn't get any points at all. Malta eventually gave their 12 and the victory to Ireland, sending the audience in the arena into a jubilant celebration.


Draw Country Artist Song Language Translation Place Points
01 Flag of Italy Italy Enrico Ruggeri Sole d'Europa Italian Sun of Europe 12 45
02 Flag of Turkey Turkey Burak Aydos Esmer Yarim Turkish My darling brunette 21 10
03 Flag of Germany Germany Münchener Freiheit Viel zu weit German Much too far 18 18
04 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Annie Cotton Moi, tout simplement French Quite simply me 3 148
05 Flag of Denmark Denmark Tommy Seebach Band Under stjernerne på himlen Danish Under the stars of the sky 22 9
06 Flag of Greece Greece Katerina Garbi Ellada, Chora Tou Fotos Greek Greece, country of light 9 64
07 Flag of Belgium Belgium Barbara Dex Iemand als jij Dutch Someone like you 25 3
08 Flag of Malta Malta William Mangion This Time English -- 8 69
09 Flag of Iceland Iceland Inga Þá veistu svarið Icelandic Then you'll know the answer 13 42
10 Flag of Austria Austria Tony Wegas Maria Magdalena German Mary Magdalene 14 32
11 Flag of Portugal Portugal Anabela A cidade Portuguese A city 10 60
12 France France Patrick Fiori Mama Corsica French, Corsican -- 4 121
13 Flag of Sweden Sweden Arvingarna Eloise Swedish -- 7 89
14 Flag of Ireland Ireland Niamh Kavanagh In Your Eyes English -- 1 187
15 Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg Modern Times Donne-moi une chance French, Luxembourgish Give me a chance 20 11
16 Flag of Slovenia Slovenia 1X Band Tih deževen dan Slovene A quiet rainy day 22 9
17 Flag of Finland Finland Katri Helena Tule luo Finnish Come to me 17 20
18 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Fazla Sva bol svijeta Bosnian All the pain in the world 16 27
19 Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom Sonia Better The Devil You Know English -- 2 164
20 Flag of the Netherlands The Netherlands Ruth Jacott Vrede Dutch Peace 6 92
21 Flag of Croatia Croatia Put Don't Ever Cry Croatian, English -- 15 31
22 Flag of Spain Spain Eva Santamaría Hombres Spanish Men 11 58
23 Flag of Cyprus Cyprus Zimboulakis and Van Beke Mi Stamatas Greek Don't stop 19 17
24 Flag of Israel Israel The Shiru Group Shiru Hebrew, English Sing 24 4
25 Norway Norway Silje Vige Alle mine tankar Norwegian All my thoughts 5 120