The Eurovision Song Contest 1992 was the 37th annual contest held 9 May 1992 in Malmö, Sweden and hosted by Lydia Capolicchio and Harald Treutiger.  This marked the first time Malmö would host the contest, they would do so again in 2013.  It was also the last time Yugoslavia would compete as a full member with their regions forming independent countries, as well as the last contest to have direct qualification for all nations.

After 15 years and 16 contests, Executive Supervisor Frank Naef announced that the 1992 contest would be his last. Before the voting started, he was given a send-off by Carola and massive applause from the audience.

The winner was Linda Martin for Ireland with the song Why Me?, which was written by Johnny Logan, making him the only person to win Eurovision singing someone else's song, singing his own song, and writing a song for another artist.

Christer Björkman, who represented host country Sweden in this contest, would go on to become the executive producer of the 2013 Contest, which coincidentally enough was also held in Malmö.


Draw Country Artist Song Language Translation Place Points
01 Flag of Spain Spain Serafín Zubiri Todo esto es la música Spanish All that is music 14 37
02 Flag of Belgium Belgium Morgane Nous, on veut des violons French We want violins 20 11
03 Flag of Israel Israel Dafna Dekel Ze Rak Sport Hebrew It's just sport 6 85
04 Flag of Turkey Turkey Aylin Vatankoş Yaz Bitti Turkish Summer is over 19 17
05 Flag of Greece Greece Cleopatra Olou Tou Kosmou I Elpida Greek All the hope  in the world 5 94
06 France France Kali Monté la riviè French Creole Up the river 8 73
07 Flag of Sweden Sweden Christer Björkman I morgon är en annan dag Swedish Tomorrow is another day 22 9
08 Flag of Portugal Portugal Dina Amor d'água fresca Portuguese Fresh water love 17 26
09 Flag of Cyprus Cyprus Evridiki Teriazoume Greek We're alike 11 57
10 Flag of Malta Malta Mary Spiteri Little Child English -- 3 123
11 Flag of Iceland Iceland Heart 2 Heart Nei eða já Icelandic No or Yes 7 80
12 Flag of Finland Finland Pave Maijanen Yamma Yamma Finnish -- 23 4
13 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Daisy Auvray Mister Music Man French -- 15 32
14 Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg Marion Welter & Kontinent Sou fräi Luxembourgish As free 21 10
15 Flag of Austria Austria Tony Wegas Zusammen geh'n German Go together 10 63
16 Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom Michael Ball One Step Out Of Time English -- 2 139
17 Flag of Ireland Ireland Linda Martin Why Me? English -- 1 155
18 Flag of Denmark Denmark Kenny Lübcke & Lotte Nilsson Alt det som ingen ser Danish All the things that nobody sees 12 47
19 Flag of Italy Italy Mia Martini Rapsodia Italian Rhapsody 4 111
20 Flag of SFR Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Extra Nena Ljubim te pesmama Serbian Love you poems 13 44
21 Norway Norway Merethe Trøan Visjoner Norwegian Visions 18 23
22 Flag of Germany Germany Wind Träume sind für alle da German Dreams are there for everyone 16 27
23 Flag of the Netherlands The Netherlands Humphrey Campbell Wijs me de weg Dutch Show me the way 9 67