The Eurovision Song Contest 1962 was the 7th in the series, since its beginning in 1956. The contest was won for a now-beaten record third time by France with the song Un premier amour, performed by Isabelle Aubret.

Broadcast from the Grand Auditorium de RTL on Sunday 18 March, this was the last contest that was not held on a Saturday night. Many of the artists in this year's contest have either been before or will go again.

This was the first time a country had won three contests. However, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, and Spain all scored nul points for the first time, making this year their worst entries so far. France led the voting from start to finish.

Having won the contest three times in five years, France decided not to host the 1963 contest, and decided to pass the baton on to the United Kingdom.



The stage was decorated with twinkling stars, but unfortunately they could not be seen for parts of the evening because there were some problems with the lights in the big auditorium of the Villa Louvigny.[1]


Draw Country Artist Song Language Translation Place Points
01 Flag of Finland Finland Marion Rung Tipi-Tii Finnish Chirpy-chirp 7 4
02 Flag of Belgium Belgium Fud Leclerc Ton nom French Your name 13 0
03 Flag of Spain Spain Victor Balaguer Llámame Spanish Call Me 13 0
04 Flag of Austria Austria Eleonore Schwarz Nur in der Wiener Luft German Only in the Vienna air 13 0
05 Flag of Denmark Denmark Ellen Winther Vuggevise Danish Lullaby 10 2
06 Flag of Sweden Sweden Inger Berggren Sol och vår Swedish Sun and spring 7 4
07 Flag of Germany Germany Conny Froboess Zwei kleine Italiener German Two little Italians 6 9
08 Flag of the Netherlands The Netherlands De Spelbrekers Katinka Dutch -- 13 0
09 France France Isabelle Aubret Un premier amour French A first love 1 26
10 Norway Norway Inger Jacobsen Kom sol, kom regn Norwegian Come sun, come rain 10 2
11 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Jean Phillippe Le retour French The return 10 2
12 Flag of SFR Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Lola Novaković Ne pali svetlo u sumrak Serbian Don't turn the lights on at twilight 4 10
13 Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom Ronnie Carroll Ring-a-Ding Girl English -- 4 10
14 Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg Camillo Felgen Petit bonhomme French Little chap 3 11
15 Flag of Italy Italy Claudio Villa Addio, addio Italian Goodbye, goodbye 9 3
16 Flag of Monaco Monaco François Deguelt Dis rien French Say nothing 2 13