The Eurovision Song Contest 1958 was the 3rd edition of the long running series, held at AVRO Studios in Hilversum, Netherlands due to Corry Brokken's win in Frankfurt the previous year. It was presented by Hannie Lips, and the winner of this contest was France, with the song Dors, mon amour.

For the third and last time, and her fourth song, Lys Assia returned with Giorgio, and other returning artists are the previous winner, Corry Brokken, Fud Leclerc and Margot Hielscher. Brokken finished joint last in this contest, contrary to the win in 1957.

The edition was unique in that it did not feature an introductory speech from the host; Hannie Lips was only intended to fulfill her hosting obligations during the voting sequence in order to focus on the musical element of the competition. However, due to technical difficulties involving the transmission of the Italian entry, Hannie's hosting privileges were extended to announcing the Italian entry's 2nd transmission. The trend of a minimized role for the edition's host was extended for the 1970 contest.


Draw Country Artist Song Language Translation Place Points
01 Flag of Italy Italy Domenico Modugno Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu Italian In the blue painted blue 3 13
02 Flag of the Netherlands The Netherlands Corry Brokken Heel de wereld Dutch All the world 9 1
03 France France André Claveau Dors, mon amour French Sleep, my love 1 27
04 Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg Solange Berry Un grand amour A great love 9 1
05 Flag of Sweden Sweden Alice Babs Lilla stjärna Swedish Little star 4 10
06 Flag of Denmark Denmark Raquel Rastenni Jeg rev et blad ud af min dagbog Danish I tore a page out of my diary 8 3
07 Flag of Belgium Belgium Fud Leclerc Ma petite chatte French My little sweetie 5 8
08 Flag of Germany Germany Margot Hielscher Für zwei Groschen Musik German Music for two pennies 7 5
09 Flag of Austria Austria Liane Augustin Die ganze Welt braucht Liebe The whole world needs love 5 8
10 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Lys Assia Giorgio Italian, German -- 2 24