Dawn Martin is an Irish singer. In 1996, she got her career start in music after being persuaded to enter a local talent contest following a performance at a friend's wedding. Although working full-time as a hairdresser, she continued singing and became a member of a local cabaret band called Us, who performed at weddings and local pubs.

In 1998, she was selected to represent her home country at the Contest in Birmingham but controversy arose when music manager Louis Walsh, best known for managing Johnny Logan, Red Hurley and boy bands Boyzone and Westlife, labelled her "an amateur" since she had beaten his band The Carter Twins, who had been the favourite to win the national final. Prior to the Contest, RTÉ also axed her two backing singers, who were friends of hers, and replaced them with more experienced singers, one of who was Paul Harrington.

Although ranked as an outsider to win, she finished in a respectable ninth place and the song peaked at #24 on the Irish charts.

In 2011 she appeared at Eurobash at Panti Bar in Dublin singing her Eurovision entry.

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