Dana Scallon, better known by her stage name Dana, is a Northern Irish singer. She began her music career after leaving school when she signed to Rex Records.

She first attempted to represent her home country in the Contest in 1969 but finished in second place to Muriel Day in the national finals. She returned a year later, proving more successful as she went on to win the Contest in Amsterdam, giving the country the first of its seven wins. The song went on to become a huge hit throughout Europe and the Far East and went on to sell more than two million units.

Post-Contest she turned her attention towards more religious music and has continued to release albums over the past four decades. During the 1990s she moved into politics and has twice contested the Irish presidential election - finishing third in 1997 and sixth in 2011.

She made a return to the Eurovision stage during the 2008 national finals as a guest judge and was completely against Dustin the Turkey being selected as the country's representative for the Contest in Belgrade, saying that it would be better for the country to withdraw rather than sending him. She has also made several appearances on Irish reality TV shows.

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