The Czech Republic has competed at the Eurovision Song Contest so far only five times, first taking part in 2007. On their first four attempts, the country failed to qualify for the final, placing in the bottom two in their first three. The country withdrew after the 2009 Contest after their entry failed to score a single point in the semi-final.

After a long absence, it was announced by that the Czech Republic would be returning for the 2015 contest in Vienna.[1] However, once again it failed to qualify for the final.

In 2016, the country qualified to the final for the first time.



Year Artist Song Language Place Points Semi Points
2007 Kabát Malá dáma Czech -- -- 28 1
2008 Tereza Kerndlová Have Some Fun English -- -- 18 9
2009 Aven Romale English, Romani -- -- 18 0
2010-2014 Did not participate
2015 Marta & Václav Hope Never Dies English -- -- 13 33
2016 Gabriela Gunčíková I Stand 25 41 9 161
2017 Martina Bárta My Turn -- -- 13 83
2018 Mikolas Josef Lie to Me