Coming Home was the Maltese entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 performed by the family band Firelight. An up-tempo country-folk song, it tells the story of a soldier coming home from war.

At the contest, it opened the second semi-final preceding Israel and qualified for the final finishing in 9th place with 63 points. In the final, the song was performed 22nd, following Hungary and preceding Denmark. At the close of voting, it finished in 23rd place overall with 32 points.

The background during the performance of the song at the contest was made up of over 200 photos submitted by fans across Europe and the world to the Maltese broadcaster.


Freedom of life, I will express my soul
Look me in the eye and electrify my bones
I ain’t gonna leave until you know my name
Stepping out of the shell, now don’t you step in my way
Build another wall and watch it crumble by your side

I’m coming home

I’m not holding back no I ain’t wasting time
If you want me near then you must come for the ride
If your sky will fall, I’ll shelter you from the rain
There’s not a cloud in the sky that can come in the way
Roaming through fields, I’m trying to find this new land
It’s only because I’m here, I’m finding gold in my hands

I’m coming home
I'm coming home

Trying to build up the words to say what you mean to me
Gonna open your eyes and let you know what I mean

Ohh aaahhh
Ohh aaahhh

Gonna take on this journey feel the light getting warm
Find the strength I’ve been searching keep the beat going strong
Keep the gloves on for fighting don’t you knock on my door
Yeah the spirits alive I’m on the road coming home.

I’m coming home
I'm coming home
I'm coming home
I'm coming home


Firelight - Coming Home-003:35

Firelight - Coming Home-0

Firelight - Coming Home (Malta) LIVE Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Grand Final03:17

Firelight - Coming Home (Malta) LIVE Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Grand Final

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