Christer Samuel Björkman is a Swedish singer, television producer and a former hairstylist. He recorded his first song in the mid 1980s.

He represented his country on home ground at the 1992 Contest in Malmö with the song I morgon är en annan dag, after winning that year's edition of Melodifestivalen. It finished second-last with 9 points, Sweden's second-worst result in the contest. He entered Melodifestivalen again in 1999 with another song and finished last out of 10 participants.

Today, Christer is well known in Eurovision circles as the Swedish head of delegation and the supervisor of Melodifestivalen. He was also producer of the 2013 Contest which was also held in Malmö, bringing him full circle from his 1992 appearance. He has been confirmed as the producer of the 2016 contest in Stockholm.

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