Chips was a Swedish schlager group, formed in 1979 by Kikki Danielsson and Lasse Holm, and split in 1983. Chips finished 4th in the Swedish Melodifestivalen 1980 with the song "Mycke' mycke' mer", with Lars Westman, Lisa Magnusson, Mats Rådberg and Monica Silverstrand (back then Barwén) as background singers.

After Melodifestivalen 1980, Britta "Tanja" Johansson also became a member. In 1980, the album Chips was released and short after this, Elisabeth Andreassen became a member. Just some weeks after this, they toured the former West Germany. In Düsseldorf, the TV-show Show-Express became a great success for them.

With only Elisabeth and Kikki on stage, Chips won the Swedish Melodifestivalen 1982, singing the song Dag efter Dag. They represented Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest 1982 in Harrogate in the United Kingdom, there they finished 8th.

After the 1982 Swedish Melodifestivalen success, the album "Having a Party" was released and sold around 100,000 copies in Sweden. They toured the northern parts of Europe and had a successful 1982. However, the group was split in 1983. This because they didn't get more success outside Sweden and Norway, and also because both Elisabeth and Kikki had their solo careers.

Future entries

Both Andreassen and Danielsson returned to the Eurovision Song Contest 1985 in Gothenburg, but not together. Elisabeth teamed up with 1971 Eurovision participant Hanne Krogh to form Bobbysocks!, which won the contest for Norway, and Kikki performed on her own as the Swedish representative, coming in third place.

Lasse Holm teamed up with Monica Törnell to perform at the 1986 Contest, with E' de' det här du kallar kärlek?.

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