Anna Vissi is a Greek-Cypriot singer, and also younger sister of fellow participant, Lia Vissi, and is also the more famous of the two sisters.

Vissi entered three times in the Eurovision Song Contest, twice in the 1980s and once in the 2000s. In each contest she scored particularly well.


  • Both of the Vissi sisters represented both Greece and Cyprus at one point.
  • In an interview in 2006, she stated that she'd like to lose to Lordi of Finland, and the band also said that they'd like to lose to Anna herself.
  • The Vissi sisters aren't the only non-twin sisters to represent their country at Eurovision - Inga and Anush Arshakyan did it together for Armenia in 2009 as well as O'G3NE for the Netherlands in 2017 (two of the sisters are twins). The only difference is that the Vissies didn't perform together.