Ann Sophie Dürmeyer is a German singer born in London, England and moved to Hamburg at a young age. She studied dance since the age of 4 and in 2010 moved to New York to attend school.

She represented Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with the song Black Smoke, after the original winner, Andreas Kümmert, declined the opportunity. Ann is the second consecutive wildcard entry after Elaiza to represent her nation at the event. She finished in joint last place with host country Austria, receiving the dreaded Nul Points. Despite being the latest victim of the phenomenon, Ann took it with good humor, even doing a parody of the winning song Heroes for social media, replacing the word "heroes" in the chorus with "zeroes" (her fellow last-placers, The Makemakes, doing the same).


  • Ann shares exactly the same birthday with 2015 Swiss representative Mélanie René.

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