Alla andra får varann was the song that represented Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest 1960. It was the third song sent by the country to the contest, debuting in 1958. This song was performed by Siw Malmkvist, a singer who would later be popular around Scandinavia, and will represent Germany in 1969.

It was performed second on the night following the United Kingdom and preceding Luxembourg. The song received 4 points, placing 10th in a field of 13.


Bara, bara du och jag måste skilda gå var dag
Men alla andra får varann
Varför ska det vara så
Varför drabbas just vi två
När alla andra får varann

Om jag blott vågade fria
Skulle du nog ge ditt 'ja'
Men lyckan får vänta
Tills jag repat mod en dag

Jag på bröllop brukar gå
Men får sitta och se på
Hur alla andra får varann

Kanhända kunde det ordnas
Och sen gick det som en dans
Om man kunde fria liksom förr
Per korrespondens

Ja... käraste, en vacker dag, kanske också du och jag
Som alla andra får varann

Only, only you and I
Have to be apart every day
While all the others get each other
Why does it have to be that way?
Why does it have to happen to us
When all the others get each other?

If I only had the courage to propose
You would probably give me your ‘yes’
But happiness has to wait
Until I’ve picked up the courage some day

I go to weddings
But I sit and watch
How all the others get each other

Perhaps it could be arranged
And then it would all be easy
If you could propose like they used to
By correspondence

Yeah… dearest, maybe one day
Maybe also you and I
Like all the others, we will have each other


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