Aliona Munteanu, better known by her professional name Aliona Moon, is a Moldovan singer. She credits her love of music from the ethnic Moldovan songs and lullabies that were sung to her as a child.

Her first taste of Eurovision came in 2012 in Baku where she sang backup for Pasha Parfeny's song Lăutar, which finished 11th for Moldova. A year later at the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmo, the roles reversed with Pasha as the backup and Aliona as the main singer on the song O Mie (A Thousand). She qualified for the final finishing 4th in the semi-final, and overall finished 11th - the same result in the final as the year before.

She competed in the fourth season of The Voice of Romania and made the finals after being saved by her coach two consecutive weeks, finishing fourth overall.

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