Željko Joksimović is a Serbian singer, composer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. After winning several music awards, he signed to City Records in 1999 and released his debut studio album "Amajlija". To date he has released six studio albums.

He twice represented his home country in the Contest: in the 2004 Contest in Istanbul on their debut appearance before gaining independence, finishing as runner up to Ruslana and in the 2012 Contest in Baku, finishing in third place.

He co-hosted the 2008 Contest in Belgrade and in 2015 he composed Montenegro's entry Adio for Knez.

Aside from singing, he appeared on X Factor Adria in 2013 as a mentor to the Over 27s category, with one of the auditionees being Slavko Kalezić, who would go on to represent Montenegro at the 2017 Contest.

He married his 2008 co-host Jovana Janković in 2013 and have three children - on 2 October 2017 they welcomed twin daughters Ana and Srna.